3 Ways to Increase Manufacturing Throughput

  • On September 16, 2021

We all know that throughput is at the heart of all manufacturer’s success. It is a constant battle to meet ever-increasing production targets while getting your products to their destinations. Focusing on analyzing, planning, and implementing ways to increase your throughput can be the difference between impressive uptime and productivity-crushing downtime.

Read more below on the three ways to increase throughput in your facility.

Analyze Existing Equipment and Procedures 

To reach the end goal of increasing production capacity, you have to take stock of your equipment and analyze procedures. To do so, Genius ERP explains that the three areas to look into include labor, equipment, and processes. 

Labor: Do you have sufficient staff to get the job done? Are those employees fully trained to confidently complete their job? In most cases, productivity starts from the top. Meaning you should prioritize hiring a skilled manager to educate and lead employees. 

Equipment: This is where Seetech Systems comes in. it is easy to let old worn-out equipment go unnoticed in your plant. But with advanced technology and equipment, your production can increase significantly. From items like conveyors to palletizers, the money you spend upfront will greatly benefit your throughput in the end. 

Processes: Our experts can help you map out a new process that addresses the challenges and clears up congestion in your production line. 

Reducing Equipment Downtime

As a supplier of fully integrated systems, we provide controls hardware and software which embody both PLC and servo-based technology. We seek to define and optimize design parameters and our value as a “one-stop supplier” of conveyor-based integrated systems.

We provide our services without recourse of subcontractors since we manufacture, install, and commission every element of the system, including the required software. In this manner, we optimize added value while building a substantial knowledge base.

Our equipment is of the highest standard and conforms to all known standards and codes. We work with each customer to ensure necessary employees are fully trained to operate the system and address any issues that may arise. We are always available to troubleshoot and fix issues beyond the customer’s knowledge or capabilities. 

Implement Facotry Automation

Our team has extensive experience in developing and executing automated solutions to streamline production operations. Our customized capabilities automate a variety of manufacturing processes. This allows our customers to operate at maximum efficiency.

We are proud to partner with Weldon Solutions. Weldon Solutions provides world-class robotic automation systems, technical support, and the highest level of service to all of its customers. As an authorized system integrator and certified service provider for FANUC America, Weldon Solutions offers a wide range of cost-effective and flexible robotic solutions to meet a variety of industrial automation needs.

Whether it’s developing your EOAT (end of arm tooling), replacing a manual process like case flipping, or fully automating your palletizing operation, we have the capabilities to meet your needs.


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