How Do Air Conveyors Work?

  • On April 7, 2021

PET plastic bottles require special handling. At Seetech Systems, we design, manufacture, and install air conveyor solutions to make transporting these bottles easier and more efficient. We offer two types of air conveyors including louvred and a system with automatic side and neck guides.

A louvred system offers enhanced control, allowing you to move thinner bottles, accumulate bottles without back pressure, and eliminate collision damage. Where a system with automatic side and neck guides allows you to change over lines to accommodate different bottle sizes and meet faster-paced production schedules while saving time and money.

Each system offers major benefits to your operational process, but how does it work?

Basics & Benefits

Air conveyor systems replace the use of belts and chains with air. These systems are powered by centrifugal blowers and the air is ducted remotely. The air is filtered through a HEPA filter and the force is transferred to the product, moving it seamlessly through the line.

These systems are designed with very few moving parts and no pockets to collect water and debris making them a smart choice for aseptic uses. Air conveyors cut your back pressure in half compared to a typical conveyor. This allows a downstream machine to go down and the upstream products will automatically start accumulating so that other machines can keep running. Once the downstream machine is back up and running, the product is instantly ready to go.

Seetech Systems Custom Designed Systems

Manufactured entirely by Seetech Systems, the air conveyor product line has been honed over numerous installations into a pre-engineered, standard product, operating at speeds up to 56,000 per hour.

Our systems feature modular construction, stainless steel body, and decks, and aluminum neck guide supports extruded on Seetech Systems owned tooling (which accept a wide range of commercially available neck guides).

We manufacture complete systems with automatic or manual side guides to suit your preference, but can accommodate all types of neck finishes up to 43 mm.

All components are manufactured to Seetech Systems standards including the blowers. Air is regulated classically via a series of dampers and VFD-regulated motors. Reach out to our team to learn more about what we can do for your product line.