Material Handling Conveyor Products

Moving products like plastic bottles or various cases requires specialized equipment at every stage of production. To meet ever-increasing production targets and prevent costly downtime, you need conveyor products you can rely on.

At Seetech Systems, we design, manufacture, and install conveyor-based systems to help you move bottles, containers, and cases efficiently while increasing throughput at your plant. Learn more about the conveyor products we offer below.

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Why Choose Us

We have been the leaders in PET bottling systems  for 15 years. 

We ensure that with our systems unnecessary downtime will be taken out of the picture. 

24-48 hour equipment response protocol to help your facility stay productive. 

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Our air conveyors can transport up to 56,000 bottles per hour, allowing you to increase production speed. Options for this type of PET bottle conveyor can help you eliminate damage caused by collision, change over lines to accommodate different bottle sizes, and maintain line efficiency when bottles back up. In addition to air conveyors, we can also provide tabletop, mattop, and pallet handling systems to successfully tackle bottles or containers of all shapes and sizes.


Our laners can divide product into multiple single-file lanes quickly and with precision. Our design allows for faster line speeds and an organized mass flow into palletizing or case filling operations. Choose a pneumatic, manual, or continuous motion option to meet your plant's unique needs.

Manual Palletizers and Depalletizers

These machines require minimal upkeep and perform at a high level. Our palletizer automatically moves to the correct layer height for the product, and the downward tilt allows operators to load and unload from an ergonomic height.

Air Rinsers and Anti-Stat Booths

Do you need to remove dust, debris, particles, and chips throughout the packaging process? Our air rinsers and anti-stat booths can remove particles and eliminate static buildup from bottles and containers of many shapes. These systems ensure product quality while maintaining fast throughput.


These economical systems integrate with existing palletizers to simplify the packaging process. Our pushers work with side push and overhead push applications, as well as single and multiple lanes.

Cooling Tunnels

Cool product with one of our high-performance cooling systems. Our cooling tunnels function at high speeds and offer excellent control over air direction and exhaust.

Pallet Stackers and Unstackers

You can adjust the configuration of our pallet handling systems to handle a wide variety of pallet sizes and styles. Our systems can even dual-stack full gaylord boxes and unstack collapsed ones. These products offer proven resistance to jamming.

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Contact Seetech Systems to Learn More

With 15 years of experience serving the plastic bottle industry and proven success moving cases in the health, household, and food & beverage industries, we have the knowledge and resources to solve even the toughest material handling challenges. After taking measurements and learning about your goals, we will custom design a system to meet your needs. To learn more about how our products could help you increase throughput and maximize uptime, please reach out to us today.

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