Air Conveyor System Manufacturers

PET plastic bottles require special handling. At Seetech Systems, we design, manufacture, and install air conveyor solutions to make transporting these bottles easier and more efficient. If you want to increase throughput at your plant while minimizing downtime, one of our air conveyor systems could meet your needs.

What Are the Benefits Of Our Air Conveyor Systems?

No matter what kind of specialty air conveyor you choose, you can always rely on Seetech Systems to provide a solution that fits your needs. Some of the benefits of our air conveyor systems include speed, efficiency, precision and reliability:


Our air conveyors move more than 1,000 bottles per minute. With a conveyor that operates at such high speed, you can meet challenging production targets without issue.


We can design an air conveyor system with features to help maintain line efficiency, such as a drop-out section. 


Our air conveyors move bottles to their destinations with precision to prevent collisions and other sources of bottle damage.


Once installed, our air conveyor solutions function reliably with little maintenance, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Types of Air Conveyors for PET Bottles & Containers

At Seetech, we offer two primary types of air conveyors:

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Louvred Air Conveyors

Our louvred air conveyors offer enhanced control, allowing you to move thinner bottles, accumulate bottles without back pressure, and eliminate collision damage.


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Automatic Side and Neck Guides

This system allows you to change over lines to accommodate different bottle sizes and meet faster-paced production schedules while saving time and money.


Specialty Air Systems

We also offer two specialty air systems to help you make the most of your air conveyor system — an air switch and a drop-out section.

Our air switch gives you more configuration options for your air conveyor. You can use this switch to feed multiple lines from a single source. Our drop-out section provides additional advantages for PET bottle manufacturers. This section automatically activates when bottles back up on the line, keeping the line moving efficiently and protecting blow molders and other expensive pieces of equipment from damage.

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Contact Seetech Systems to Learn More

When choosing an air conveyor and blower for your plant, you want to work with a company that has experience in the industry. At Seetech Systems, we have been creating innovative solutions for PET bottle manufacturers for 15 years and have proven success moving products in the health, household, and food & beverage industries.

Because we design and build our custom air conveyor solutions for your unique needs, we can solve even big production line challenges effectively. After getting to know your goals and taking some measurements of your facility, we will provide a proposal, timeline, and pricing estimate to help you make the best decision. To learn more about the benefits our air conveyor systems provide, reach out to us today.

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