Pallet Conveyor Automation Systems

As a manufacturer, you know that automation plays an essential role in your ability to meet progressively expanding production targets and improve your place in the market. The right pallet conveyor can help you organize and prepare products for distribution while reducing strain on workers. At Seetech Systems, we design, manufacture, and install pallet conveyors, pallet stackers, and pallet unstackers. Our custom equipment can solve tough challenges and increase safety, efficiency, and throughput at your facility.

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Our Pallet Conveyors

We manufacture two types of pallet conveyors — drag chain and roller-based. Our drag chain pallet conveyors come in multiple strand configurations and move both full and empty pallets with ease. Our pallet roller conveyors come in heavy-duty and medium configurations and allow for accumulation to maintain efficiency on the production line.

Whichever type of pallet conveyor you choose, you can expect to benefit from the system’s:


Our pallet conveyors feature high weight limits so you can move heavy pallets easily. Our roller-based pallet conveyors can safely support up to 6,000 pounds.


Once installed, our pallet conveyors work reliably with minimal This means you can keep pallets moving around the clock with little unexpected downtime.


When used in conjunction with other equipment, our pallet conveyors help automate pallet organization and transportation, freeing up workers to handle other tasks and allowing you to increase throughput at your facility.

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Pallet Stackers and Unstackers

To work alongside our drag chain and pallet roller conveyors, we also offer pallet stackers and unstackers. Our pallet stackers can stack up to 15 pallets at a time, and our unstackers can quickly unstack collapsed gaylords. Once stacked or unstacked, the pallets can continue down the conveyor toward their destinations.

Both our pallet stackers and unstackers increase efficiency and throughput by reducing the amount of human interaction needed when handling pallets. As a result, these machines provide noticeable benefits for companies that prepare many goods for distribution and storage. You can always adjust these machines to hold pallets of different sizes.

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With a pallet conveyor automation system designed specifically for your facility, you can increase efficiency, reduce downtime and protect workers from injuries sustained through heavy lifting. At Seetech Systems, we have 15 years of experience creating reliable conveyor systems for customers in the plastic bottle industry and have proven success moving cases in the health, household, and food & beverage industries. If you are searching for a pallet conveyor manufacturer you can trust to provide a quality solution, we can meet your needs. Learn more about our pallet conveyors by reaching out to us today.

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