Laning and Diverting Systems

To meet increasingly ambitious production targets, manufacturers need reliable lane conveyors and drives. At Seetech Systems, we design, manufacture, and install custom conveyor lane diverters to help you sort and distribute your product efficiently.

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What Types of Laners are Available?

We offer three types of laning and diverting systems so you can choose the option best suited to your production line. These three unique types of laners include servo, pneumatic, and manual:

We offer both continuous motion and intermittent laners. Recommended for medium- to high-speed production lines, these servo-controlled laners provide quick, automatic, and precise laning. Our intermittent laners utilize product stops, while our continuous motion systems divide product into multiple lanes with no stops.

Ideal for medium-speed production lines, our pneumatic conveyor lane diverters provide automatic laning for lines that require frequent changes. Although some pneumatic laners function only when two lanes are in the downstream, Seetech Systems offers pneumatic options for any number of downstream lanes.

Our manual laners are cost-effective as well as efficient. This option allows operators to easily switch lines between configurations. Choose this type of laner when you don’t require regular line changing.


What Are the Benefits Of Our Laning and Diverting Systems?

At Seetech Systems, we understand the impact conveyor diverter systems have on productivity. No matter what type of laner you choose, our solution will help you keep production running smoothly at every stage. When you choose laning and diverting systems from Seetech Systems, you will benefit from our experience, speed and reliability:



With our employees combined industry experience of over 100 years, Seetech Systems can solve even the most difficult manufacturing challenges. We can create systems to handle unique bottle shapes, various sized casing, and specialized materials to meet your exact performance specifications.


Our laners keep your production line moving at the proper pace. Our continuous motion laners, for example, can move up to 200 feet per minute. Higher speeds mean increased throughput and a competitive edge for your company.


We know how detrimental unexpected downtime can be to an operation. Once installed, our conveyor diverter systems function reliably with minimal maintenance.

Why Choose Seetech Systems?

We take customer satisfaction seriously. To find out how we could help you solve tough manufacturing challenges and boost productivity, reach out to us today.

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