The Challenge of Moving Specialty Bottles

  • On January 13, 2021

If you run a manufacturing line that handles specialty bottles, you likely understand the difficulties that accompany them. At Seetech Systems, we’re material handling experts who meet these challenges with custom solutions. Take a look below at the different specialty bottles and how our custom-designed systems can increase your product line’s efficiency.

Set of detergent bottles and containers, cleaning and washing supplies, 3d illustration

Types of Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are valuable to many industries, from pharmaceuticals to food production, and they come in various shapes and sizes. With the presence of so many bottle types, stock conveyor systems exist to handle the most common forms. You can easily find designs to accommodate continuous thread bottles, snap-on caps, and corks — but these conveyors don’t account for every type of bottle out there.

Specialty bottles are the containers that don’t fall into the standard conveyor categories. Examples include:

plastic pink spray bottle
  • Foamer pump bottles
  • Honey bear bottles
  • Plastic sauce bottles
  • Spray bottles
  • Wishbone bottles

Why Do Specialty Bottles Require Custom Conveyor Solutions?

Specialty bottles may require more than one sealing process, or they might come in atypical shapes and sizes. When your manufacturing line deals with odd bottles like these, you need a conveyor that knows how to move them. Standard threading and snap-cap systems can only handle so much.

For example, bottles designed for salad dressing often have a plastic piece under the cap that guides pouring. An average conveyor likely won’t have a mechanism to install this piece before adding a lid. With a specialty conveyor, you can introduce a preliminary stage for adding the fitments before the bottles get their caps.

Other times, bottles have oddly shaped lids, like spray or foamer pump bottles. They need machinery that can handle the unique shape while still providing a strong seal. Even the shape of the bottle itself, like a honey bear, can prove challenging for conveyor systems to grab and gauge.

When your standard system has trouble recognizing unusual shapes, you experience inefficiency or even complete lack of function. With a conveyor from Seetech Systems, you can sidestep the challenges of moving specialty bottles.

Seetech Systems Creates Custom Conveyors for Specialty Bottles

Seetech Systems understands the difficulties that accompany specialty containers like wishbone bottles or units with foamer pumps. As material handling experts, we know standard machines can’t handle unique shapes and accessories efficiently, if at all. We also get just how important it is to keep your line moving throughout the day.

Our specialty conveyor belts use combined mechanisms to give your nonstandard bottles the unique sealing abilities they need. If you need fitments for plastic sauce bottles, we can create a system that’s ready to handle them.

With our custom systems, you’ll have the same reliability and efficiency you expect from a standard machine with the unique capabilities your operation demands.

Learn More About Our Custom Conveyor Systems

When you trust Seetech Systems with your custom conveyor, we take the time to learn about the product you’re moving and the production speed you’d like to achieve. We’ll create a system that handles your specialty bottles with the productivity your operation needs. Reach out to our team to learn more about what we can do for your product line.